Campus Cutie Special: Roommates Matthew Smith '16 and Sequoya de Nevers '16

Name: Matt Smith

Age: 21

Class: Junior

Major: Creative Writing

Hometown: Lunada Bay, California

Affiliation: FIJI

Matthew (left) and Sequoya, presumably at band camp

Name: Sequoya de Nevers

Age: 20

Class: Junior

Major: Accounting and Finance

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Affiliation: FIJI

Do you two live together?

Matt: I think so.

Sequoya: Yes.

How did you two meet?

Matt: In sixth grade we met at band camp in Chicago. Sequoya played the violin, I the cello. Sequoya seemed to have the same level of musical talent as I did at the time. During lunchtime at camp, we bonded over the classical composers we both liked and disliked. Being a violin player, Sequoya faced serious scrutiny from the trumpet players due to of his admirable ability to drown out the brass rambling with his magical range of highs and lows. When I saw how the trumpet players were treating my new PIC I couldn't not do something! I swiftly joined in with him and the two of us had the entire camp on their feet clapping along as we beautifully performed Bach’s 12th symphony. Boy that was neat. After camp, we stayed in constant communication via pen-pal mail and MySpace!! It has been awesome to watch how much Sequoya has attempted to grow as a person. He finally managed to eradicate his nervous twitch that he would encounter during conversations with the opposite sex. So proud of him for that! When we both found out we were going to be attending the same university, Sequoya was beyond excited.

Sequoya: It was freshman year, in the spring. Matt posted on the Chapman Class of 2016 Facebook page saying something along the lines of, “I’ve been having a really hard time making friends here at Chapman, I’ve been trying really hard but things just haven’t been working out, and my pet rat Scooter just passed away. If anyone wants to hang out or something or maybe go to the caf it’d be really great. I’ve just been feeling really lonely lately.” So I sent Matt a Facebook message and we started going to the caf together. I’m really glad that Matt was brave enough to post on Facebook or we would have never met.

Tell us about "The Post" 

Matt: My roommates and I were playing video games in my room that night. Sequoya asked what my password was on my computer so he could, “check his emails.” I probably should have known he was up to no good, he’s such a rascal. He was literally sitting on my bed right behind me when he was writing it. Backstabber. Our house has a rule that if someone hacks your Facebook you’re not allowed to delete the post, so that helped his cause because I think he posted it at like 2 in the morning. Hopefully no one thought that I wrote that. It was one of the best statuses I’ve seen in a while. Ten points Hufflepuff.

Sequoya: Do you play quidditch? Because you look like a keeper to me.

Did you expect the post to get so much attention?

Matt: I don’t think I’ve ever gotten more than like fifty likes on anything I have put on Facebook, so not really. I knew it had potential to break our previous house record, 79 likes, that our roommate Ben was able to get when he hacked our other roommate Filippo’s Facebook, because of the depth and creativity behind it. I think it got a lot of attention because it was about something prominent on campus that people actually pay attention to also. I think my grandma liked it.

Sequoya: I thought that it was pretty funny. The thing about the grocery store he said to Ben while I was writing it so I added it. I think that’s the truest part of the post.

What is the craziest thing you two have done together?

Matt: Undie Run of Spring semester last year we got in a pretty heated altercation with some people that didn't speak English.

Sequoya: One time we drove out to Black Star Canyon, which is supposed to be haunted and stuff. We took a side road and this white truck followed us for like 2 miles. We got to the end of the road at some empty parking lot. The guy got out of his car and came to talk to us, but we drove away ASAP because the guy looked like cheeseburger eddy.

Favorite movie? Is it really the Titanic?

Matt: I don’t think I’ve ever watched the entire Titanic movie, heard Leo was robbed of another Grammy, though. My favorite movie is Rush Hour. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are really funny in it.

Sequoya: I like the Lord of the Rings movies a lot. I read the books and everything. Gandolf and I would have been friends.

It's a Thursday. Will we find you at a house party or the D?

Matt: I know Sequoya loves the D.

Sequoya: I prefer to spend my time with our cat. Her name is Sasha, and she’s pretty cool.

One fun fact about each other?

Matt: Sequoya is probably, pound for pound, the biggest person I know.

Sequoya: Matt has a tattoo on his butt. He really likes showing it to people.

Favorite Chapman memory?

Matt: The first Taco Tuesday, also Sequoya’s idea.

Sequoya: Matt and I somehow always find ourselves walking home from venue parties. I think we tried to walk home from The Grove and we took a wrong turn and started walking down The City Drive South. We didn’t realize we were going the wrong way until we started to pass a hospital. Then we realized that we were at The Block. We ended up getting Krispe Kreme donuts and calling for a ride home. Thanks, Megan! Another time we walked 3 miles home and ended up going through a dried up riverbed for at least a mile. It was a good time.

Tell us about your dating life. Any funny stories?

Matt: The first time I asked a girl if she wanted to be my girlfriend, in sixth grade, she said, “Sure.” It’s been downhill since then.

Sequoya: When I was in high school I delayed breaking up with a girlfriend for a solid 3 weeks because I liked hanging out with her parents so much and I didn’t want to hurt them.