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Campus Cutie: Alec Dragelin ’15

Name: Alec Dragelin

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Year: Sophomore

Major: Exercise & Sports Science

Favorite Coldstone/YoPo Flavor: Coffee

Where do you study: The UL most of the time, occasionally Davis

Fun Fact: Chubby Shorts Campus Ambassador for UNC

Motto: Sky’s Out, Thighs Out

Alec Dragelin is not your typical musician. His cerulean eyes, like tidal pools of benignity, seem to take you in, immersing you in his world–and what an enchanting place to be. With a penchant for guitar and a palpable appreciation for the virtue of carpe diem,  Alec’s mere presence is infectious, all of which leaves us with just one question: “What took so long for him to make Campus Cutie?”

HC: So, tell me, do you have any secret talents?

AD: I wouldn’t say they’re secret but I play the guitar. Uh, I can do a backflip…which I don’t do very often, so I guess that’s kind of secret.

HC: What do you love most about UNC?

AD: There’s so many things that I love about UNC. I think the Carolina community is just incredible. I know that’s a really typical answer but the fact that…it’s a combination of, you feel like, you go somewhere and you always see someone that you know…but at the same time, even the people who you don’t know, you’re just part of this common Carolina bond. I think that’s what I really like the most…everything from a common hatred of Duke to a common love for Roy Williams to the fact that we all know exam time sucks and everyone’s really irritable but everyone’s like we’re all in this together as well. We all share these good times and bad times and I think that’s a really cool thing to be a part of.

HC: Definitely. So, what are you involved in on campus?

AD: Psalm 100 a cappella group, Pi Kappa Phi fraternity, those are my two main involvements. Also involved with Cornerstone.

HC: And do you have any idea of what you want to do when you get out of this place?

AD: I do. I want to either go to chiropractic school or do international missions.

HC: Very different paths.

AD: Very different paths but potentially combining the two.

HC: Interesting. Okay, switching gears a little—describe your ideal girl.  

AD: My ideal girl is someone who, if we wanted to, we could just kick back and hang out and have a good time and laugh, but someone who I can also have deep conversations with and really share my life with. Not just someone who is funny and can make me laugh…not just someone who I am physically attracted….but someone who I can really engage with and connect to on a deeper, personal level, that’s probably the most important thing for me. Someone who loves country music. Definitely important….and ultimately, someone who is going to put her relationship with Jesus Christ before me. That’s really important to me. I think those are probably the biggies.

HC: Okay. Funniest pick-up line….either your own or that you’ve heard?

AD: Okay. I have a couple. You can decide which one you think is funniest. One is, ‘did you have Lucky Charms this morning because you’re looking magically delicious.’ I don’t know if you’ll get this one…you might get this one…‘hey girl, would you like to be a part of my purpose-driven life?’ I think the Lucky Charms one is the funniest but I think the most effective is ‘hey, would you like a piece of gum?’ Because you take it out, and you’re like ‘oh, would you like a piece of gum?’ BOOM! Conversation.

HC: Break the ice! On that note, what’s the most awkward date you’ve ever been on?

AD: So, this girl who I knew in high school asked me to get lunch with her. She asked me and I was hesitant at first but I said yes. We were getting lunch and we were just talking, like, little small talk. I wasn’t exactly sure why I was even there. So, we were just talking and catching up—it had been a while—and she goes, ‘okay, Alec, I need to tell you something. The real reason I asked you to come to lunch with me is because I had a dream about you. And in that dream, we got lunch together and then I just thought to myself…I need to get lunch with Alec.’ And I was like, ‘oh, well, dream came true!’ That was probably the most awkward thing because I didn’t know how to respond. It was really bizarre and really out of nowhere. From there, it just went downhill—just like not really knowing how to handle the situation.

HC: Sounds like a painfully awkward situation – I’m sorry! Well, what’s your idea of an epic night?

AD: So, my idea of an epic night is probably a night, like, with my good guy friends. We’ve done some really stupid stuff before but I think one epic night would just be going on some sort of adventure. I love going on random, spontaneous adventures. One time last year, we went hiking and got lost and that was, like, really awesome. We had to find our inner wilderness man and find our way back. That was really fun. But I also just love any night going out with my guy friends and doing something totally random, not planned. I’m really spontaneous. But I also love dancing as well so going salsa dancing or shag dancing, I really love as well….whether it’s with a good friend or someone I don’t even know. Those would be two things that would make for a really fun night.

HC: Okay, last question. Favorite UNC memory?

AD: I organized a massive trip to Jordan Lake with, like, a hundred people. We all got in cars and went to Jordan Lake and just took over this beach. Everyone that was there left. It was a perfect day. It was beautiful. We just played football. We were swimming in the lake. It was really fun. Some people I didn’t even know, but we all just went. We did it twice, actually….the end of last spring and beginning of the fall.

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