Things Student Athletes Wish You Understood

Being a student athlete is highly glorified in movies, TV and books. It seems to be a life of carefree enjoyment. Typically, you see male jocks that walk around with a sense of entitlement and cockiness. Their days are filled with film review, weight lifting, and practice; they don’t go to class and when they find out they’re failing a coach talks to the administration and everything is straightened out without them ever lifting a textbook to study. The world seems to be at their feet and all for being able to throw a ball, shoot a basket, or score a goal.

                Well I’m here to tell you first hand that this is not the life that the other 99.99% of athletes live. Of course our days are full of training but they are also full of class, internships, work and studying. Unfortunately, we don’t have the world cater to us, often times it feels like we’re in fact fighting the system. So before you roll your eyes at the life of a student athlete here are 10 things we wish you understood.


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