My College Must-Haves

No matter what you do or who you talk to you will never know what college will add to your life. To be at a university for, 4 years things will come and go, but you will forever have those things you can NOT be without. Better year, survive without. Most people would say, organization items, etc. but personally, none that has been of much help and interest to me. Everyone’s list is different, but these are my current must-haves for the spring semester:

EXHIBIT A: Microwave 

When it comes to my university, specifically in the traditional dorms, there aren’t any kitchens. No stoves, no ovens, and pretty much nothing but a fridge and the provided microwave. The items are pretty random, but, most times the café just does not hit or is not what I want, especially when money is tight. So, I have to doctor upmost canned meals and pop them right in the microwave. Without it, I’d probably have zero dollars to my name. 

EXHIBIT B: Sunglasses

Before you judge, they aren’t for the purpose of late nights out. They can be, though. Honestly, they’re for my early classes when I’m not wearing lashes or when I’m just super tired. They also jazz a basic outfit up. They are truly my best friend for my 9 am’s and all-day classes with that one boring professor. Not only that, but sunglasses are a great statement piece no matter how sunny it is, or isn't, outside. 

EXHIBIT C: Airpods 

College is like when you were in high school and people were just extremely loud at all times of the day. And like many others, I do not want to hear that all day, therefore, my AirPods come in handy. By just putting them in and playing my favorite song, while walking to class, the store, etc. just puts me in a great space. 

EXHIBIT D: Snapchat

This particular one wasn’t essential for my fall semester but as the year started to progress into the spring, I felt it was important to start documenting some of my memories in college. Even if it was just three (3) seconds, it’s always fun to rewatch them months down the line. Plus, I'm sure this is going to be a fast college experience, so why not keep memories of everything?

I never knew that any of these items that I mentioned would be my everyday college essentials. A microwave for meals, sunglasses for extra help with an outfit and hiding the sleep I “sometimes” get in class, my earbuds to tune into a great space and Snapchat to document my memories with my friends. College is weird, you never really know what to expect or what you’ll need, but these are what have been my top 4 favorites and essentials while in college.