Could Frank Ocean Be Hinting At A New Project?

Frank Ocean has never been one to promote his music before the date it drops. Maybe that comes from him being laidback and shy of his celebrity life or it comes from him always wanting to keep his fans on their toes. Recently he has been in the eye of the media with his launching of a new queer nightclub in New York where he teased remixes of a couple of unreleased tracks that are available for preorder as 12” vinyl singles through his official site. That was a mark for Ocean’s new music since his 2018 cover of Moon River.

On October 19, 2019, following a new episode of his Apple Music radio show, blonded where he dropped an unexpected track titled “DHL." He uses the name to play with the idea of someone coming soon to be with him. The words “coming soon” are repeated multiple times through the song.  This is the first original track he has released since 2017 He had previously teased the song on his Instagram in 2018 of December. “DHL” gives the listener a new side to Ocean. It showcases the nonchalant attitude Frank has toward casual sex and receiving mail-order drugs. Ocean has always been private about his relationship status but with the new track, it gives a glimpse into how he maybe maneuvering now.  At the bottom of the cover has thirteen different sitting positions. The fourth one is highlighted, and it matches the position of the man on the cover.

 In the early mornings of November 2nd, another track was released. This track, titled “In My Room” tells a story of Ocean addressing multiple things. The fact that he is naturally laidback and that some people that he has relationships with aren’t built for the lifestyle they must deal with. He addresses problems that may come up in a relationship if one was to date him and that even though the lifestyle might be rocky that person is always going to be next to him in his room. He even gives a metaphor to how the music industry can be in lines like “Got this lust for life in me/Horny for the game/First they kiss then they bite soft/Then that b*tch wanna play it off” alluding back into his 2011 deal with Dej Jam Records. At the bottom of the artwork for In My Room, there are still the symbols at the bottom but there are eighteen instead of thirteen.

Could this be a sign that there will be a deluxe version as well as a regular album? Maybe Ocean will have a deluxe version just available for streaming on Apple Music as he does with certain singles like his recent ones. These two new songs show a side of Frank Ocean that lets his supporters and the people watching know they he knows what he wants with music, partners, and anything else he has to handle in this world and that he isn’t letting the small obstacles stop him.