ATTN: Sparkhouse. Listen Up!


“Ring the alarm! I’ve been through this too long…” a true classic by the one and only Beyoncé Knowles. Ring the Alarm is a great alarm in the mornings but also very attention-grabbing during the first 12 seconds! This particular article calls for the first twelve seconds of such an amazing song. I NEED your undivided attention. There has been an extremely alarming rate of people getting kidnapped or nearly being kidnapped in the Atlanta area but more specifically the Atlanta University Center (AUC). This isn’t a joke, prank or something to just brush off. With the numerous amounts of young women and men who have been missing in Atlanta in 2019 I felt that it was necessary to provide the many safety precautions that you can take to avoid being in the same predicament.     


“Be careful!” and “Stay safe and alert of all of your surroundings” is with my family (and probably yours too) reinforced to me time and time again prior to me arriving in Atlanta to attend the one and only Clark Atlanta University. I knew that entering a new environment was scary (because I didn’t know anyone) but I was also oblivious to the fact that it’s dangerous as well! I overlooked my characteristics which seem to be the most popular: a young, black female in school. The most sought after target because we are the less cared about. I was alerted about two missing young women in Atlanta from AUC Twitter. No national news stories, no big search parties… just Twitter. It becomes chilling when you realize that, potentially, you or your peers could be in the same situation. It becomes chilling when you realize that it’s happening in the same vicinity where you basically reside for the next four years. 

The thought of being kidnapped while going to class or walking back to your dorm is fairly scary and I am certain that being in that actual situation is far more terrifying. Here are some safety precautions that I came up with, which could help both you and I stay safe:   

ALARM ONE: Do you have Instagram or Twitter? Download one or all three of these free safety apps;

  1. BSAFE – offers six features that aid you and staying safe. Alarm feature which sets off a siren, which alerts bSafe but also starts recording video and sound on your phone. It also has a follow me feature that allows your chosen friends to track your every move. These are two of the six features that bSAFE has to offer.

  2. 2. ADTGo- real-time location tracking, roadside assistance, safe driving reports, etc.   

  3. 3. Life 360- allows you to connect with your family 24/7 to ensure that you are safe.

ALARM TWO: Stay alert! Your Twitter feed isn’t more important than your safety… know where you are at all times.

ALARM THREE: Trust your intuition! If you get that gut feeling that something isn’t right… trust yourself. You aren’t feeling that way for no reason.

ALARM FOUR: Carry self-defense weapons! You don’t need a gun but you can use:

  1. Taser
  2. Pepper spray
  3. Pocket knife
  4. Stun gun
  5. (Real) brass knuckles

ALARM FIVE: Stay in a group! Keep 1 to 3 people around you to stay safe. Each person can watch your surroundings. Four to six pairs of eyes are better than one pair. If you do happen to walk by yourself, call someone and have them accompany you while walking to your destination.      

Kidnapping is very real! It is scary but also avoidable if cautious. The amount of young men and women that are victims of this crime is stomach-turning and shouldn’t even be happening. Never think that you can not be in the situation because you can. Kidnapping causes a long term rupture of the psyche of those kidnapped and those who wait for their return. When will it end?