When Les Miserábles sums up Finals Week

A month before Finals you put every deadline, group project, assignment and test in your planner

And it seems you got things under control

But, when you least expect, it is a week before Finals and you have only a few things done

Sunday comes before you can blink and there is still lots of topics in your “To do” list

In a few hours Finals will start and you cannot escape

So you study crazily before Monday's tests

On Monday's tests

After the tests

Thinking how there is not enough caffeine in the world to help you now

On Tuesday, you fell like there is a slight possibility to live through this week, but it has a price: losing sleep.

You try to keep all electronic distracting devices away, including social media and Netflix, because STUDYING IS ALL THAT MATTERS

On Wednesday, when you finish your sixth test or deliver your fifth group project

If it is not enough, you remember there is STILL a project due Thursday or Friday

You try to live through Thursday and still study for Friday

Thursday night can be defined by: anguish, tiredness and a small hope the week might end

One day more to go

Friday: you don't even pretend to know the subject while reading the test questions.

Friday after classes – NETFLIX FREEDOM