Talking Career: 5 Steps to Make Your Resume Irresistible

It’s not easy to anyone: with a big competition and shortage of offers, conquering the employer is the biggest challenge. How can you be the one among many other “the ones”? Everything starts with your resume. It’s an important business card, the cover of your book, and it will define the very first impression of you. But do you really know how to show the best of your capacity through this step? We selected some types to help you during this journey that will make your resume as attractive as possible. Check it out!

1. Know exactly what you want to sell

Are you a journalist? An advertiser? Do you want to work with text or with art? Maybe both? Well, it’s time to decide, because to make your resume the best one, we you need to show some of your abilities. As says Thaís Bocchini, graduated on administration with an specialization on leadership and human resources, if design and creative area is are what you want, it’s nice to think in a different way to show your skills — and there is are a lot of websites online that can help you with some ideas, like Hongkiat. But, if this is not your priority, relax: the other types will be very useful.

2. Showing is more important than saying

What does it mean? I believe that you’re communicative, intelligent and proactive, but you don’t need write that on. Really. It’s way more important to prove your point: let them see your qualities for the things you’ve done. If that’s possible, show them: that’s why a portfolio is so important. According to Bocchini, If you’re good on writing, it’s way more substantial to let the employer read one text then just saying “I’m that good on writing”. Are you really smart? So talk about the courses you already have done, or the important college works you’re proud of.

3. You don’t have to show every single thing

If you want to get a reporter job, it’s not that relevant to know about your experience with landscaping. Check in your own life: what have I done to be able to work in the area I want? What can really help me in this career? Select the best of what you have to offer and focus on it, so your resume gets "cleaner" and with the right information.

4. “But I never did anything nice”

This topic is the main concern of who is looking for a new job. But is that true? That english course and experience in college laboratory organs can be more significant than a lot of random courses. If you really believe that you’re not fully qualified for the area you want to join, don’t freak out: there’s a world of possibilities to increase your skills. You just need to know what you have to improve. Then, it’s easy to find institutions that provided free web courses and even cool projects on your college. Go to several lectures as well: this helps to clarify what is really needed to exercise your profession.

5. The basic is always fashion

Don’t lie. It’s obvious, I know: but sometimes, the obvious have to be said. Show them who you are, what you want and what you’re capable of. Use a nice picture of you, a professional one preferably. When you sent your curriculum, don’t forget to write a small letter talking about you, like a summary, because it’s the first thing the employer will read about you, and maybe it’s gonna make them create expectations. Put all your personal data, like ID and full name, and be careful with the right portuguese. Don’t worry if it’s big or not, that’s not important.