Light Up!

The coolest thing in makeup is that it has the power to transform ourselves. It is a tool that allows us to highlight the aspects we love, and transform what bothers us. 

The contour and the luminizer help in this matter. You can use this technique to polish or even transform your face shape.

Contour is a trick which has been used by many celebrities. It is a way to give an upgrade in makeup – giving it a more elaborate and sophisticated look. 

The name strobing comes from the stroboscopic light. It’s the “reverse contour”. Instead of darken the parts you want to tune, you light some strategic points. The technique provides quick effect.

How to make? The principle is the same from design: everything that is clear stands, increases and lights. All that is dark disguises, decreases and circumvents. 

Professioanl tips: The makeup artist Fernanda Lavra talked to our reporter Carol Hossni and gave some precious tips. 

1. Locate your cheekbones. No matter what shape your face is, if you locate where are your cheekbones, you are halfway. After that, you mark below the cheekbone. 

2. Make a straight marking. Different from what we see around, the descending line can give fallen countenance. On the other hand, the straight mark ensures a natural and subtle contour.   

3. The more you smoke, the more natural it looks. It gives a little more work, but the result is incredibly natural.

4. Hold the brush at the tip. This technique is widely used by makeup artists to make the smoky.

5. Prepare the skin neatly. Neutralize the rosacea, correct imperfections and neutralize the skin help to get a more natural contour.

There are lots of products in the market to produce this visual – and they have versions in cream, stick and powder. 

Contouring tips according to your face shape:

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