'Friendsmas' Potluck Ideas that Everyone Can Enjoy

Gluten free, vegan, dairy-free (But nobody will tell the difference!)

Friendsmas season is finally here! Getting together with your friends before everyone goes home for a couple weeks for the holidays is the best way to get into the Christmas spirit while getting a much-needed break from studying for exams. If your friend group has decided to do a potluck, you might be wondering what to bring, especially if you’re cooking for people with different allergies and dietary restrictions. Here’s a list of recipes that are easy to make, relatively affordable, and all gluten-free, dairy-free, peanut-free AND vegan—don’t worry, I kept the specialty ingredients to a minimum!

  1. 1. Appetizers 

    Black bean dip & corn chips

    Time: 5-10 minutes

    Cost: Low—you probably have most of the ingredients in your kitchen already!

    Specialty Ingredients: Gluten free corn chips (same price as regular ones)

  2. 2. Appetizers

    Guacamole Bites

    Time: 15-20 minutes

    Cost: Low

    Specialty ingredients:  Vegan shredded cheese (optional)

    *Tip: Tostito scoops chips are gluten free.


  3. 3. Sides

    Asian slaw

    Time: 20-30 minutes

    Cost: Medium (some of the veggies aren’t in season in December)

    Specialty ingredients: None

  4. 4. Sides

    Roasted sweet potatoes 

    Time: 1 hour

    Cost: Low 

    Specialty ingredients: None

  5. 5. Mains

    Eggplant Lasagna Rollups 

    Time: 45 minutes

    Cost: Low

    Specialty ingredients: Nutritional yeast

    *If nobody is vegan or has a dairy allergy, making regular lasagna with gluten free noodles is a great option!

  6. 6. Mains

    Shepherd’s Pie

    Time: 1 hour

    Cost: Low

    Specialty ingredients: Vegan butter (it tastes the same so if you’re not vegan you can still reuse it!)

  7. 7. Desserts

    Fruit Platter & Lemon Dip

    Time: 5 minutes (2 ingredients for the dip!)

    Cost: Medium (cut the fruit yourself to save money!)

    Specialty ingredients: Coconut whip topping

  8. 8. Desserts

    Peppermint Chocolate Crunch Bars

    Time: 30 minutes

    Cost: Low-Medium 

    Specialty ingredients: Vegan chocolate chips

  9. 9. Buy-and-Go Ideas

    Enjoy Life Snickerdoodles

    These are SO good, and cost around $7.00 at Loblaws/Independent

    *Tip: Decorate these yourself if you enjoy decorating but not baking!

  10. 10. Buy-and-Go Ideas

    So Delicious Coconut Milk Holiday Nog

    The best eggnog out there that everyone can enjoy! It costs about $7 at Loblaws/Independant

I hope this list was helpful- your vegan friends & those with allergies will appreciate the extra effort so much! Happy Holidays!