The Many Essentials of Tea: Minimaly BeauTEAful

As Californian’s, we don’t have the harsh winter winds or snow packed blizzards coming from the east. In fact, Angelinos are very much gifted with having the sun almost everyday of the year. Despite the cheery weather, there are still clear problems of dry weather, rapid weather change and possibly becoming sick. What’s a girl to do to keep the gloomy mood away?

Tea is definitely a staple for a cozy day indoors, especially for long periods of book reading. The tea trend has been swamping over media sites like Facebook and Pinterest where people across the nation are posting about their favorite teas and tea accessories. Nowadays people don’t go looking for over the counter medication, organic ingredients are getting their moments notice as more and more people have been testifying their wonderful results. However, sometimes tea isn’t for everyone’s taste buds. This is where tea takes a step further into daily lives as a flexible product, revolutionizing the way people look at this watered down bundle of leaves.