Why You Need to Nap

Have you napped today? If not, this is your sign that you should. Napping is a vital option for many to catch up on rest and recharge midday. Especially amidst the stress of Zoom University, we all deserve a mental and physical break like a nap. 

We get it, napping is a polarizing subject. You might love it, or you might think it is unnecessary or a waste of time. However, napping is not just for kids anymore. There are lots of proven benefits to napping in adults that you should be aware of. 

Why napping is good for you

Other than catching up on much-needed sleep (and yes, we know that you need to catch up on sleep), napping can even improve your life while you are awake. Many studies have shown that if you nap, your cognitive abilities, memory, and alertness improve. So, napping could benefit your performance in school, which eliminates any nap guilt you may have. Also, napping helps your body too, because it has been proven to reduce the risk of heart attacks and lower your blood pressure. So, if you nap correctly, you will be helping both your brain and your heart! But how do you nap correctly?

Napping tips: how to do it right

There are lots of different factors to consider when deciding how to nap. But, it is generally a good rule to nap before 3 p.m so that your nap does not interfere with your normal sleep schedule. For the same reason, it is crucial to take shorter naps. While many people can handle longer naps, some people may suffer subtle consequences like grogginess and disorientation with naps not within the golden 30 to 90-minute window. Even NASA pilots nap for about 30 minutes in the late afternoon to increase their performance. However, practice makes perfect, so don’t be upset if you’re not ready to fly a NASA ship after your nap. 

Overall, if done correctly (which takes practice), napping is the perfect way to give your body a break in this stressful time we are all in. After a good nap, the benefits will only be great for your mind and body. So, try it out and nap it out!