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Why It’s Okay to Be Totally Open About Your Sex Life

In today’s society, women are frequently discouraged from talking about or even acknowledging their sex lives. Men are consistently applauded and regarded as “macho men” when they discuss their sex lives with their peers. But for women, a very real stigma against sexual activity still exists, especially for young, college-aged women.

While this stigma does exist and is ubiquitous throughout American society, the social standard that women should not be able to talk about their sex lives is demeaning, sexist and completely backwards in ideology.

For me as an individual, I prefer not to advertise my sex life to all who ask. I am, however, completely supportive of women who are open about their sex lives, and unafraid to talk about it. What you do behind your bedroom doors are your prerogative, and no one has the right to tell you that you cannot be open about your own life.

Sex is not something that women should be afraid to talk about. Many men hold the ideology that women are simply a way of receiving sexual pleasure, and have no problem discussing the sexual situations they find themselves in. Such men even have the idea that they can discuss the sex lives of their partners with their “bros” as well, even if their partner would prefer not to talk about it, completely regardless of the inherent shame and stigma that women face if they have an open sex life.

Women who choose to have sex with other women also face stigma, such as homophobia or even the hypersexualization of their personal life choices. For women, there is currently almost no scenario where they can discuss their sex lives without facing some sort of personal backlash.

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Sex is natural. Sex is beautiful. Sex is fun. And there is absolutely no reason that women should be unable to discuss their sex lives if they want to. Sex is something that most people will partake in, and everyone will eventually know about, so why hide it? You want to talk about it? Flaunt it.

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