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Images by Melissa Fernald.

I am slightly obsessed with jars (mason jars in particular.)  Jars that previously housed yummy jellies or delicious pasta sauce always end up getting washed out and added to my collection. I use them for lots of things: flower vases, toothbrush holders, pencil jars and “tupperware” of sorts. If any of you can relate to my attachment to jars, you’ll enjoy this article. Here’s a DIY project to spice up some of those old empty jars you have lying around your apartment.

All you will need for this DIY is a glass jar (or 10), and MOD PODGE Plaid Sheer Purple, or any other color of your choice. You can find this puppy here or at your local craft store.


Now, you could just read the directions on the bottle, but here’s how I did it; I’ll give you a few extra tips and tricks along the way as well.

The first step is to clean out your jar.  Make sure there isn’t any dust on the inside because it will mix in with the paint.

Next, squirt some of the paint into the bottom of the jar.  I always add a little bit of water to mine because it makes it easier to coat the inside. Adding more water will make it a pastel purple, while less water will make it a darker purple. Start off with adding less paint and see how well it coats the jar, gradually adding more if you need it.


Once you have coated the inside completely, all you have to do is let it dry. Make sure to dump out any extra paint inside. Set your jar upside down on a paper towel and watch the magic happen! You may want to leave it for a few hours before flipping it right side up so some air can get in.


It takes about 24 hours to completely dry. The paint will become opaque so you will be able to see through the jar, leaving it tinted a beautiful purple.


Pretty, right? Hope you enjoy!

Hello there! My name is Melissa and I am a sophomore Business major at Cal Poly. I am from a small beach town in sunny Southern California. Technically I am an introvert, but I absolutely love people. My favorite things in the world are the sound of waves, the scent of pine trees, and Grumpy Cat. I am very quirky, a big daydreamer, and I will probably bake you cookies if you ask.
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