9 Small Self-Care New Year's Resolutions to Better Your 2021

No one can say that the year 2020 was easy. From fires to pandemics to elections, caring for ourselves has not been everybody’s main priority recently. With the increasing stress and decreasing mental health that came with this year, self-care in the year 2021 is that much more important. Here we have a few small conscious ways to better yourself and your mental state for the clean slate of a new year. 


Fueling Your Body

    2020 has been a stressful year, to say the least, and sometimes stress manifests itself into forgetting to eat or not eating the right things. Making a conscious effort to eat at least one healthy thing a day is a positive step towards feeling better in 2021. Your mood is a reflection of the inside of your body, including your nutrients. Drinking water and eating better is a small resolution that your body will thank you for!


Having A Solitary, Enjoyable Pastime

    It is important to have hobbies that you can purely enjoy alone that help clear your mind and make you feel better. Whether you’ve always loved drawing or you’ve recently gotten into running, actively doing something that you love every day helps you feel better. We recommend setting aside a recurring block of time that cannot be interrupted where you get to freely do what you love on your own terms. 


Reflect on Your Day

    Journaling has a multitude of proven benefits, but simply reflecting on your emotions and daily tasks is a fantastic way to organize your thoughts. Whether it be journaling on your own or talking out your thoughts with someone else (like a friend or a licensed therapist), expressing what is on your mind can help make life a little less scary and intimidating. 


Exploring New Things

    One of the things that makes good times even better is discovering something new that you love. New music, new food, new hobbies, and new places can expand your interests and expand what you enjoy in 2021. Even putting effort into trying little new things like listening to a different playlist or taking a different route to work can expose you to new things you could love!


Rest and Relaxation

    Whatever relaxing means to you, setting aside time within your schedule to destress and be sedentary can be beneficial for your mental health. Whether it be tanning on the beach or watching Netflix, taking time for yourself to loosen up and alleviate stress is something that everyone needs. Run a bath, meditate, take a nap, or sit at the park to read- just make sure to do something that forces you to calm down amidst these stressful times!


Feeling Confident in Your Appearance

    Let’s face it- as superficial as it sounds, looking good on the outside helps you feel good on the inside. Doing little beauty-related things like applying face masks, buying new mascara, or investing in some fancier shampoo can help you feel better in your appearance, which also helps your confidence and mood. 


Spending Time Outside

    Especially in this COVID era, everyone is spending a significantly longer time indoors. While this is safe, it can feel isolating and it can deteriorate mental health. Safely spending more time outside feels better physically and mentally. Little things like zooming at a Starbucks table outside or reading in your backyard as opposed to your bedroom can boost your mood and refresh you! 



    It sounds simple, but lots of people do not smile as much as they should for the betterment of their health. Whether it be watching a funny show or looking at cute TikToks of dogs, a grin on your face can improve your whole day. Making an effort to smile every day is necessary, doctor’s orders!  


Paying It Forward

    My personal favorite item on this self-care list is doing at least one nice thing for someone else every day. While self-care usually means caring for yourself, caring for others is also included. Complementing a stranger’s outfit on the street or texting your mom a nice message boosts your mood and the mood of those you are kind to. In our especially unkind world, being thoughtfully good-hearted towards other people is that much more meaningful. Pay it forward, and make an effort to do something nice for someone else today!


Overall, we all deserve 2021 to be better than 2020. To help accomplish this, you have to start with yourself. These tips can improve your health and happiness, which we should all prioritize!