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6 Inspiring Women to Awaken Your Travel Bug

The best part about being a millennial in college (besides using that as an excuse for every mistake you make) is that we have greater access to the world than any generation before us. Beyond the increased popularity of studying abroad, the idea of twenty-somethings quitting their jobs or taking time off to travel is becoming increasingly common. For years, women have hesitated to embark on such soul-searching journeys for a number of reasons, many of which have been overdramatized in horror movies starring America’s sweetheart Liam Neeson. However, the women on this list are here to prove you have nothing to fear!

1.  The Blonde Abroad

Easily the most well known solo travel blogger, she’s made waves online with her harrowing defiance of trading a life in Corporate Finance for one of exploration. She has tips and tricks of solo travel, advice for the best destinations and a pretty killer backstory to inspire you to follow your interests -- not what everyone else thinks you should do.

2. The Unbrave Girl

Probably the easiest to relate to, The Unbrave Girl provides a refreshing reality check for travelers: it’s okay to be scared, but that shouldn’t stop you. Her best posts are a few years old, but still relevant. Too often you’ll see a travel blog where everything seems like sunshine and rainbows and nothing bad ever happens. This blogger tells it like it is. With her simple tips and tricks, The Unbrave Girl will help you travel on your own terms.

3. Monkeys and Mountains

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, Monkeys and Mountains will show (and guide!) you just how active you can be while exploring a new location! The blogger, Laurel, gives field-tested guides to a bunch of awesome locations, allowing you to be as active as you want wherever you choose! She’s like your adventurer friend who takes all of the guesswork out of your travels for you.

4. Jessie on a Journey

Foreign countries are great and technology improves everyday, but international flights are still very expensive and not always an option. Jessie makes it easy to explore amazing places here in the U.S. of A! If each of these bloggers is to be your friend, she’s the hip one who, when asked what she’s doing tonight, describes a quirky gallery opening she’s going to followed by a quick appearance at an underground bar. Also, you HAVE to read her solo traveler manifesto here. It's all the inspiration you need.

5. Flora the Explorer

Flora makes traveling poetic, creating melodic stories detailing her experiences, the people she met, and how she is continuously learning to live fearlessly. She cites her blog as being a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy; her adventurous and tenacious alter-ego makes the plans to write about a trip she’s about to take, leaving her no choice but to adventure outside of her comfort zone. If you love writing about your experiences, she’s just the gal to follow.

6. Hippie in Heels

If you read Rachel’s bio, you’ll see the name is ingenious and all of us. She loves nothing more than getting dressed up for a night out, followed by a week “love-drunk on the beach, forgetting what a hairbrush is.” She holds nothing back, spares no detail, no matter how graphic, to give you an honest picture of travelling. She lives what she preaches, and she is living proof of all the good that can come from acting on your dreams.

One message all of these women emphasize is that you find yourself in the uncomfortable and intimidating. When you venture outside of your country and comfort zone, you realize your own capabilities and how much this world has to offer you. So get out there!

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