4 Ways to Decode Your Personality Online

We all want to know more about ourselves, whether it be by trying a Tarot card reading or by taking a Buzzfeed quiz that tells you your future based on your favorite Subway sandwich. We want to understand why we think certain things and why we do things certain ways, and there are questions about ourselves that we want to have the answers to. There are lots of acclaimed and legit sources online to decode your personality and learn more about yourself for career, romantic, and curiosity purposes. Here are a few ways that we recommend analyzing and guiding your personality and behavior!

  1. 1. Enneagram

    The Enneagram test is a personality test that works as a system to understand others through dividing people into nine personality types. There are three categories, which are the heart types, the head types, and the body types. Each type is distinguished through different kinds of motivations, fears, and internal dynamics. The main difference between each type is how they interpret and express their emotions. This test is widely used in psychological, social and business settings, and the test is very reliable and specific. Additionally, once you find out your primary type, there are songs, websites, and videos that specifically connect to your type. The test usually takes 10 minutes to complete, being 105 interpersonal questions answered on a scale of agreement. 

  2. 2. Astrology

    Astrology is the concept that the alignment of stars and planets in the sky at the time you were born has an effect on your personality. By submitting your birth date, time, and location, an astrologer or an astrology website can tell you about all of the depths of your personality, from your romantic behavioral tendencies to how you become most motivated to accomplish your goals. Based on different planet categories and the constellations within them, your personalized natal chart can show you your character, your patterns, and how to use both to take advantage of your life. While it is debated whether or not astrology is a legit source, having an open mind and trying it out never hurts, especially since it is the most detailed source on this list.

  3. 3. The Myers-Briggs Test

    The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator is an interpersonal questionnaire that divides personalities into 16 types with two variations of four categories. The categories are introversion or extraversion, sensing or intuition, thinking or feeling, and judging or perceiving. It is a short test that asks introspective questions about different preferences and perspectives of yourself, and the result is a four letter combination of categories with titles like “The Mediator” or “The Commander”. Each result has different defining traits of how they approach life and what their motivation relies on. With your results come different career paths that would fit your personality and well known figures that share your letter combination. This test is a highly acclaimed source to learn about yourself and how you work best. 

  4. 4. The 5 Love Languages

    The 5 Love Languages test is a questionnaire that determines how you like to express love and how you like to accept love. Based on five categories of words including affirmation, gifts, acts of service, quality time, and physical touch, the test ranks which love expressions you prefer to show others and which you prefer to receive from others. It also offers advice on how to communicate that love, actions to take, and what to avoid within your habits and preferences. This test is not only for relations with others, but can also be applied to how to effectively communicate with others in general and how to actively practice self love. There are multiple tests depending on your current situation, like a couple’s quiz, singles quiz, children’s quiz, and teens quiz. This quiz is applicable and specific for understanding your emotional preferences in all regards of your life. 

Learning about yourself is a great way to reflect and improve, and it also helps you realize your uniqueness. Now go get ‘em!