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It is no news that music has an enormous impact on our culture- it is a symbol of art and community. However, nowadays it may seem like the same three songs are all over the radio, social media, and more. There are millions of songs you haven’t heard yet, meaning there are genres you haven’t discovered. So, here we have four genres that you might not know to help you explore new music that should be playing in your earbuds right now. 

Anti Pop

The genre coined as “Anti Pop” is a response to the upbeat pop you often hear on the radio or in department stores. While following the classic pop format of verse-chorus-verse and having deeper lyrics than the average pop songs, Anti Pop is catchy music that doesn’t conform to one specific genre. This allows listeners to hear Anti Pop as whatever they’d like, so the genre has lots of artists under its belt like Joji, Boy Pablo, and Aries, just to name a few.  If you like music that you can sing along to while intensifying what you’re already feeling, Anti Pop is for you. 

Here is a Spotify Playlist to start listening to Anti Pop. 

Alternative R&B

Often noted as a more emotional and diverse version of R&B, the genre “Alternative R&B” is one that almost everyone is guaranteed to find a song they like in. Being the castle that holds musical royalty like Frank Ocean, Jhené Aiko, and SZA, this genre is avant-garde and impassioned. Rock and hip-hop often influences this genre, as seen by artists like Miguel, Steve Lacy, and Omar Apollo, all of which you won’t want to miss. 

Here is a Spotify Playlist to start listening to Alternative R&B. 

Bedroom Pop

Though seen as an infant in the music world, the genre of “Bedroom Pop” includes some of the most loved music nowadays. With lo-fi beats and often romantic vocals, the genre includes artists like Clairo, Roy Blair, LAUNDRY DAY, The Walters, and Still Woozy. Bedroom Pop is the perfect genre to listen to on a drive to the beach or to sing along to in the shower, all the while thinking about life, love, and everything in between. 

Here is a Spotify Playlist to start listening to Bedroom Pop. 

Alternative Hip-hop

The not-so-mainstream counterpart of Hip Hop, the genre “Alternative Hip-hop” is edgy, expressive, and impactful. It crowns legends in the music world like Outkast and Pi’erre Bourne, while also having younger artists like Jaden, tobi lou, and papichuloteej. Filled with metaphors and imagery that will make you think, and beats that will make you want to jump around, this genre is one for the thoughtful and energetic. 

Here is a Spotify Playlist to start listening to Alternative Hip-hop. 

Gabriella is a second-year student at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo majoring in Graphic Communication. She is currently involved in Her Campus as the Cal Poly SLO chapter Social Media Director, Instagram Manager, and as an editorial writer. She is passionate about writing, making art, volunteering, and pursuing a career where her creativity can be at the forefront. In her free time, you can find her attempting to surf, researching astrology, and doodling anything at any given opportunity.
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