4 Movies That Will Leave you Feeling Inspired

There is often an unspoken collective consciousness of feeling motivated after watching certain movies. As one of life’s greatest gifts within entertainment, film is a powerful way to be taken through a familiar story, often relatable to our own lives. 

You probably have those certain movies where you feel different and encouraged after watching them. So, to add to that list, here we have four movies that will overall leave you feeling inspired.

  1. 1. If you are feeling discouraged: “On the Basis of Sex”

    The 2019 film “On the Basis of Sex” directed by Mimi Leder showcases one of history’s greatest examples of female empowerment. Based on Ruth Bader Ginsburg, former Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, the movie follows her life and how she became successful despite obstacles of sexism, judgment, and doubt. After watching this, you will want to right the world’s wrongs and take political action where she left off. 

  2. 2. If you are feeling unadventurous: “The Fundamentals of Caring”

    The 2016 film “The Fundamentals of Caring” is a humorous and introspective film worth watching. Directed by Rob Burnett, this film follows a disabled teenager and his caretaker who is grieving the loss of his son. This film will make you laugh while watching as it takes a unique approach to dark themes. After seeing this, you will want to embark on an adventure despite the hardships you have endured.

  3. 3. If you are feeling doubtful: “Soul Surfer”

    The 2011 film “Soul Surfer”, directed by Sean McNamara, is a motivational take on the story of professional surfer Bethany Hamilton. Following Bethany’s life, as she preserved in surfing despite losing her arm in a shark attack, this film is one that will make you want to try that thing that you have been putting off because you don’t think you are able to do it. 

  4. 4. If you are feeling resigned: “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”

    The 2012 film “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”, directed by Stephen Chbosky, is an amazing coming of age film that is introspective, fun, and real. With the 1990’s nostalgic high-school setting and the deeper themes of death, abuse, friendship, and love, the film will make you want to put yourself out there despite adversity and look forward to the unknown.

Feeling uninspired is not a good feeling, so watching these films is a great way to lift your spirits and get you back to a better mindset.