4 of the Best Beachy Restaurants Near SLO

San Luis Obispo County is a scenic city with a quaint downtown, impressive mountains, and amazing beaches. As an amateur surfer, I am personally biased towards the beaches, but all of the above are amazing. When the sun is shining in the happiest city in California, it’s an obligation to spend some time in the sand. But where should someone eat on their way to the beach?

  1. 1. High Tide in Morro Bay

    If you are in beautiful Morro Bay and need the perfect breakfast or lunch break, High Tide is the perfect place to go. If you like acai bowls, sandwiches, and coffee or tea, you will love this place as much as I do! This adorable restaurant has great beach decor and also sells stickers, hoodies, and other fun merchandise. When I’m at my favorite beach near SLO, Morro Bay, I always want to go to High Tide and get my favorite item on their menu, their bright blue High Tide bowl!

  2. 2. Avila Market on Avila Beach

    At Avila Market right next to Avila Beach, you can get everything and anything you could possibly want to eat. From breakfast burritos to burgers to salads to acai bowls, this place has great diversity in options to enjoy while you are at the famous Avila Beach in SLO. I personally love their Banana Bread French Toast, but picking just one item on the menu is still a struggle for me. They also have adorable merchandise like reusable water bottles and beach blankets to grab on your way to the beach!

  3. 3. Brad’s Restaurant in Pismo Beach

    If you are at Pismo Beach and need to grab a great bite to eat, the highly acclaimed Brad’s Restaurant is the way to go. This classic American-style restaurant in combination with its beachy seafood menu items makes the perfect oceanside meal! From fish and chips to burgers to vegetable wraps to chowder in a bread bowl, you will not be disappointed with their coastal menu. I recommend ordering their Garden Burger after surfing at Pismo Beach!

  4. 4. Tacos de Mexico in Morro Bay

    If you love Mexican food as much as I do, you are going to love Tacos de Mexico in Morro Bay. This classic Mexican restaurant has great tostadas, burritos, tacos, and more. This is the perfect lunch or dinner pit stop after heading to the beach at Morro Bay. Getting the simple rice, beans, and cheese burrito with some horchata is my favorite way to end a day at the beach in Morro Bay.

The city of SLO is a food-centric place, and these beachside restaurants are just a few of the many necessary pit stops to see and eat at when you are at the beach!