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10 Struggles You Have When You Love Makeup But You’re Broke

Whether you rummaged through your mom’s cosmetics bag as a child or just figured out how to apply mascara, it’s no secret that makeup is seriously fun to play with. There are so many brands and so many different looks to try, inspiring our creativity with our need for glamour. Makeup is a rising art form that everyone can dabble in, whether you’re a serious, top-notch makeup artist or an average student getting ready for a night out.

The difference, however, between a makeup artist and an average student is how much money they have to spend. MUAs dedicate their careers to cosmetics, and often get sponsors or free samples; they’re not necessarily richer but they definitely have more makeup than average. For the rest of us, we have to purchase all of our products, which adds up very quickly. Enthusiasts everywhere have bemoaned the costs of buying makeup. Here are thoughts/struggles all broke makeup lovers understand:

Trying to mix up the look you always go without buying all-new makeup

Avoiding temptations like the Sephora website because you’ll be hitting “Checkout” in about 10 minutes

Never crying with makeup on because each tear is worth like $8

Seeing tons of awesome tutorials on Instagram and wanting to try them all…

…But not having the right products to recreate it

Using the cheap brushes that come with the palette because you can’t afford nice ones

When your fave brand comes out with a new product and you see the price tag

You catch yourself seriously considering whether you really need more groceries instead of the ABH “Moonchild” Palette

When you have just enough money to splurge without feeling too guilty

You’re secretly tempted to go dumpster diving for makeup because apparently that’s a thing now

The struggle is so real. But remember, no matter what kind of makeup you’re wearing, or how much, you’ll always look beautiful by being confident in yourself.

Valentina Sainato is a 5th year English major and Ethnic Studies minor at Cal Poly SLO. She loves to read, always having a book in hand. She's also a devoted dancer who knows 12 different styles, and runs the SLO swing dancing scene. When she isn't working as a writing tutor, you can find her at any coffee shop in town (probably reading) or trying her best at the gym. Valentina is thrilled to be a writer and the senior editor for Her Campus Cal Poly!
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