Meet Tyler Klitchko, One of Cabrini’s Most Promising Leaders

Tyler Klitchko is a freshman at Cabrini from Woolwich, New Jersey, studying accounting and finance with a minor in leadership studies.

Along with his passion for academics, he excels in lacrosse. His passion for lacrosse started young. “My whole family plays [lacrosse],” Klitchko said. “It’s a big part of my life and a game I love. I can see myself playing and coaching it for many years down the road.”

He started coaching his freshman year of high school. “My brother was in sixth grade, and I helped coach his team all through middle school,” Klitchko said. “Eventually, I ended up playing with these guys my senior year of high school and got to see what I taught them translate onto the field.”

Klitchko’s journey to Cabrini was filled with uncertainty. He had many other offers to play lacrosse and was unsure where the best fit would be. “I actually gave up several offers to play at Division II schools because I felt Cabrini was such a great place for me,” said Klitchko.

Fortunately for him, it worked out in his favor. Currently, Klitchko serves as the president for Cabrini’s Club Lacrosse Team, where he enjoys growing and developing with a group of 16 motivated athletes.

Cabrini has been a great fit for Klitchko, not just in regards to lacrosse. He loves the small environment and the connections he can make with other students and faculty. “The [IMPACT] LLC is nice, because it’s a small group where you can build a strong sense of community together,” Klitchko said. “It also serves as great networking because you never know who you are going to meet down the road.”

Throughout his first year at Cabrini, Klitchko has gotten a better sense of what he wants to pursue professionally. “I came in thinking I would study business management, but I quickly learned that there would always be a need for an accountant,” Klitchko said. “I started with accounting in the fall, and I fell in love with it.”

Klitchko was lucky enough to participate in a great program that allowed him to get hands-on experience with tax returns. “Vita allows me, while I’m learning how to do taxes, to actually file tax returns for people. It has helped me be more social and work with money that really makes a difference.”

Whether it’s on the lacrosse field or in the classroom, Klitchko exemplifies the qualities of a young, passionate leader. If you have not had a chance to meet him, keep an eye out for a friendly new face.