Cabrini College To Cabrini University: A Look Back Through the Years

Cabrini College has changed a lot over the years and starting this summer, it’s making its biggest change yet. The 59-year-old college will soon be known as Cabrini University.

President Donald Taylor made the official announcement last month and since then, the community has been abuzz with excitement, eagerly awaiting the moment when they can formally call themselves CU students.

With this huge change, we look back at how the school has changed over the years, with then-and-now photos of the campus.

The Woodcrest Mansion

The mansion still remains a community-favorite for photo-taking, relaxing between classes and even fancy dinners and weddings.

Mansion front:

While students may no longer graduate from the mansion’s lawn, it’s still the beautiful centerpiece of campus.

Mansion back:

Despite that ‘50s fashion, this could be a picture straight out of this millennium. Students still enjoy relaxing on the patio and grass, complete with an adirondack chair current day. The majestic mansion was named to the National Register of Historic Places in 2009.

Holy Spirit Library

It’s the perfect place to study with a group, what with all the books, movies, computers and lounge space.

Library side view: 

Library front: 

Grace Hall

Talk about a transformation! While there may no longer be stables or a courtyard between Grace Hall and the mansion, it still maintains its historic charm. The renovations in 1990 created the atrium and conference center that exist today.

King of Prussia Road entrance

The diner-esque sign was traded in for a stone sign, which now rests outside of the gates. The stairs to the left of the photos lead to the Gate House, which is “one of the four original Woodcrest Estate buildings,” according to Cabrini's website

The Bruckmann Memorial Chapel of Saint Joseph

In 55 years, the chapel has changed a lot, but it still remains a place of worship for many students. Notice the addition of the Iadarola Center, which was built in 2005, to the left of the current-day photo.


The student-run newspaper has made quite a few upgrades since its 1959 founding, including color photos, different variations of the flag, a multimedia evolution and more.

Cabrini College becomes a university July 1. CU in the fall, Cavs!