Art In Unexpected Places

An Exploration of Art in Bathrooms

Image courtesy of Giphy.

I’ve noticed that this past year there has been an incredible growth in public in unusual places, such as public restrooms on campus. It’s like the women of CofC grabbed their pens and embarked on a quest to beautify the women’s bathroom. In doing so they’ve left some encouraging and colorful messages for all the women out there who need a quite stall to scream in during upcoming midterms. I am totally here for it. Here are just a few of the masterpieces I've found and captured so far.

1. This barrage of love and support from a collection of strangers all united by the need to pee, the possession of a pen, and a stack of pink sticky notes.

2) This beautiful poem by the To Write Love On Her Arms Charleston Group.


3) This community effort masterpiece is currently my phone screen background.


4) Though not located in the womens' bathroom this dry erase etching someone left on the board of a geology lab is really cute.

This all goes to show you that art can grow, exist, and be supported everywhere, even in the most unexpected places! Keep it up ladies; you’re making the campus uniquely marvelous.