Your One Stop Shop for Valentine’s Day


If you’re not a Trader Joe’s fan you should reconsider. It is a great place if you are a vegetarian and their frozen premade meals are amazing for those microwave chefs like me. Your date doesn’t have to know you can’t cook. Plus, there’s a wide variety of premade meals. What excites me the most is their cheese section. Impress your date with a meat and cheese board and a wine pairing without breaking the bank. Their affordable cheese section is to die for. Trader Joe’s came out with a new item, Mini Brie Bites. Many cheese sections have fresh mozzarella and their mini version, mozzarella pearls. Their mini brie is so cute and will definitely start off dinner strong. If your date has a sweet tooth no worries there are a ton of desserts, even for the vegans. Trader Joe’s also comes out with special holiday candy and for Valentine’s Day they have champagne gummy candy and Xs & Os gummy candy. Most importantly, the flowers! You can get a bouquet of roses for under $10. Be sure to grab one when you walk in because they go FAST. Good luck on your date or if you’re like me treat yourself to some beautiful flowers. Xoxo