Why #MeToo Is More Important Than Ever

          #MeToo is a movement to help demonstrate the prevalence of sexual harassment and assault. By sharing stories and experiences other women and men can see it is not a bad thing to share what has happened to them. A lot of the time sexual assault cases aren’t reported in fear of the outcome. This includes, but is not limited to, a tarnished reputation, getting fewer jobs offers or work opportunities and harassment from other people. For years many time women never told anyone what happened to them and this movement shows it’s okay to speak up.

Coming down from the Oscar’s buzz the #MeToo movement is stronger than ever in Hollywood and the change is happening. The presenter for Best Actress was supposed to be Casey Affleck. Two women accused Affleck of sexual misconduct in 2010. The cases were settled out of court. In place of him took Jennifer Lawrence and Jodie Foster.  Ryan Seacrest, who was accused of sexual assault by his former stylist, was not as popular on the red carpet as usual. Many celebrity women skipped over him for an interview.

These are just some examples, but they are showing that these things will not be tolerated. Women have been so afraid for so long and it is now time for a change. People in Hollywood lead us in example that even the most well known people can not get away with their accused crimes. It’s refreshing to see the accused not being acknowledged anymore. 

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