Why Hulu is Better Than Netflix

   I am not sure if I am the only one but lately I have been feeling that Netflix has been letting me down. The only real reason I still have a Netflix account is to watch only a few shows like, Stranger Things (obviously), Mindhunter (which I seriously recommend), and Friends. Since Netflix has taken off shows like One Tree Hill and Scrubs, I feel my love for the online streaming service slowly begin to fade and move over to Hulu. Ever since Hulu made a deal with Spotify, saying that you can get the two of them for just 5 dollars a month, college kids everywhere are making the switch to Hulu. 


    Hulu has a much wider variety to offer, much more than Netflix, so here are a few television reasons why Hulu is better than Netflix. 

  1. HGTV: I mean House Hunters and Fixer Upper, this is reason enough to get a Hulu account. 
  2. Anime: If you are into this kind of television, Hulu has a wide variety of anime, that is much more extensive than Netflix's. 
  3. Shark Tank: If you have yet to binge this show with your significant other, you two need to get your priorities straight and watch it. 
  4. South Park: Always good ind numbing TV to watch in between classes. 
  5. The Path: One of the best Hulu originals and best shows that is in production today, it definitely should not be missed
  6. Say Yes to the Dress: Get ready to cry and judge some girls on their fashion choices, the perfect binge night show to watch with some wine and some girl friends. 
  7. SNL: Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones are goddesses and always are there to brighten up your day.