Why Guy Friends Are Great

Girl friends are amazing to have. They lift you up and bring you ice cream when your sad. But guy friends give it to you straight. Having a guy friend, with no attraction to them, is wonderful. Guys don't have a filter and aren't afradi to hurt your feelings. Even when they are harsh you know it's true. 

Guy can also give you an actual guys perspective. They tell you what guys think and how they feel and what they actually mean. Only downside is that it's probably not what you want to hea, but you should hear it anyway. 

You can also give them advice with everything, girls, skincare, mental health etc. If you have a brother that you can talk to, you know there's only so much you can say until it gets weird. Guy friends are like that with without the weirdness. 

Having guy friends in your life that are only platonic can truly give you new perspectives on everything you wouldn't think you needed.

They're the best and you need them in your life!

best friends love GIF by Hallmark Channel