What YouTube CEO has to say about Logan Paul


I’m sure by now everyone has seen or heard of Logan Paul. The best way I can describe him is as a disrespectful youtube who will do or say anything for “clickbait.” Most recently he was torn apart after wrongfully posting a video showing a dead body which was hanged from a tree. He posted this while visiting the Suicide Forest, on the slopes of Mt. Fuji in Japan. Logan Paul decided to use the clickbait title for his video as, “We Found a Dead Body in the Japanese Suicide Forest.” Although Paul claims that this was not “clickbait” and the “most real video he has ever posted,” the video was deleted soon after it was posted. He also states, “I think this definitely marks a moment in YouTube history because I’m pretty sure this has never hopefully happened to anyone on YouTube ever.”

Yes, Logan Paul. This is the only time this has ever happened in “YouTube history” because no one is disrespectful enough to post a video of a dead body.

However, CEO of YouTube does not believe that he should be kicked off of YouTube. Even though in numerous of Logan Paul’s videos he fully disrespects different cultures, individuals and recently videotaped himself tasering a dead rat…this is still not enough for Logan Paul to be kicked off of YouTube for good. YouTube has taken off any ads or potential business deals concerning Paul’s channel, they feel that he has not fully violated the company’s established “three strikes” rule.

If you still feel as if Logan Paul should be kicked from the platform of YouTube, you can sign this petition; https://www.change.org/p/youtube-delete-logan-paul-s-youtube-channel. Hopefully by viewing how many individual’s view the wrong in his actions, YouTube will take proper stand against the constant disrespect Paul shows the world.