Top 11 Clothing Items You Need to Survive Buffalo Weather

Top 11 must have clothing items you need to survive buffalos weather

1)      Bean boots

a.       These are amazing and can get through any snow and are water proof. You can dress them up or down!

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2)      A cute puffy vest

a.       This is perfect for those cold days that aren’t cold enough to wear a full-on coat. Pair it with your favorite crewneck to be extra cozy.

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3)      A parka

a.       This is an absolutely must-have to trench through the brutal tundra on those cold days

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4)      A cute beanie

a.       This is perfect for messy hair days or when I haven’t washed my hair in a few days. My favorite beanie is my love your melon beanie and all the money goes to a great cause!

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5)      A huge scarf

a.       Cold necks are the worse especially when you have your hair up. Grab a cute $10 scarf from target and you’ll be set!

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6)      Leg warmers

a.       These are great for days you want to look like tried a little extra but really didn’t…and they’re super comfy.

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7)      Fleece Lined leggings

a.       Leggings are obviously a must but fleece-lined leggings have an extra soft inside that will keep your legs warm even in the coldest weather!

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8)      Cute joggers

a.       Get these in your favorite color and dress them up or down depending on your mood! My favorite place to get joggers is Tj Maxx or Marshalls

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9)      A variety of oversized cardigans

a.       Cardigans go with just about anything and are so versatile and you can pair them with something as easy as a white camisole!

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10)   Hunter boots

a.       These are great for long walks outside when the snow is knee deep…it may be cold but at least you’ll look fashionable on your walk to class!

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11)   Cabin socks

a.       Every single person needs a pair of cabin socks for the main reason of their unreal fuzzy insides that make any foot happy.

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