No Pain, No Gain


  1. After going to the gym for a week religiously I noticed that my skin was glowing. No blemishes, dry patches, or anything!

  2. I also found that I had more energy. Every morning I woke up and went to the gym I found that I had so much energy and was in an amazing mood. After all, in the words of Elle Woods, “I just don't think that Brooke could've done this. Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.”

  3. Finally!! My attention span lasted more than 5 seconds! Each day spent at the gym resulted in me performing better on my exams, I payed attention with ease, and I didn’t find myself counting down the clock for all of my classes.

  4. The bone-deep ache. Ahhhh, the beauty of being sore meant that after each step down a flight of stairs resulted in various grunts and hoping your legs didn’t give out on the stairs.

  5. Slumber. My favorite part of each and everyday is when I get to glamorously flop onto my bed and set my troubles aside for another day. As someone who’s typically a restless sleeper with each workout I found myself sleeping more soundly than a newborn baby.


Going to the gym might not be the most amazing thing in the world to most but it definitely has its pros and cons. No, you don’t have to be a gym enthusiast or even in shape to go to the gym but if you’re looking for an incentive ladies, here it is!