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I work with Brian Stuhmiller in the SA office and I see his charming self almost every day. The one thing that strikes out the most is how positive he is and how dedicated he is towards everything he is passionate about. 

The morning of the interview, he came is bumping to EDM (most likely Kaskade), well-dressed as usual and was pumped to talk to me for Her Campus.

Maisha Tasnim (MT): Since Halloween is this weekend, do you have a Halloween costume?Brian Stuhmiller (BS): Yes, Great Gatsby.

MT:  Tell us something about yourself:BS: My life is about 3 E’s:1. Energy: To hang out with people and be busy on campus all the time with a positive vibe.2. Environment: To promote sustainability by education and awareness.3. EDM: Always bump to EDM.

He’s an Environmental studies major with a minor in education, interested in house music, plays water polo and looks into the most recent fashion along with politics, fancy socks, beard grooming.

Who doesn’t love fancy socks, am I right?

MT: What is one thing about you that people don’t know?BS: I’m religious and I play the trumpet.

When asked if money was not an issue and you would not face any obstacles, what would you do. He responded saying that he would put UB’s campus and put it in downtown Buffalo. He thinks it would be busier and get more involvement and support from the Buffalo Community.

MT: What is one personal problem you keep facing with all that you do?BS: Balancing friend groups and having issues mixing my worlds together.

MT: How do you keep a stable love life in the career-oriented life that you have?BS: When I was in a relationship, I learned that if you’re with your best friend and it’s okay to do your own thing and you do you to help develop individually.

                                  “Go hard or go home and since you can’t go home, might as well go hard.” Is his motto because “

                                                            I think if you give a 100 percent to one thing, everything else will be okay

                                                                    but if you give up, you are compromising your character.”

                                                                                                                 – Stuhmiller

MT: One advice you would give to freshman would be…BS: Be Yourself. Use what you love technically to get the most out of it and be smart about it.

MT: Where do you see yourself 20 years from now?BS: A blessed family would make me feel really lucky while doing something that I love.

“If I were to be an animal, I would be a moose because they graze all day and don’t complain. They also get things done if they need to.”

He would love to be in Australia for its ecological diversity and cultural being particular interesting!



Somewhere between psychotic and iconic enjoying intellectual conversation and heart-throbbing knowledge with lots of soul in the mix.
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