The Most Important Non-Academic Thing I've Learned In College

If I do not learn anything this semester from the multiple science pre-requisites and statistic courses I am in, the most important thing I did learn is to put myself first. My first two semesters at UB I could tell you all about the anatomy of any part of your body, the ethics behind different medical philosophers, etc., but something I could not tell you about is how important it was to get to know myself.

After digging myself out of a severely unhealthy relationship that I gave a go two different times (yes I know, I had no idea what I was thinking either going back to him), I realized that life is way too short to “settle.” And I think you all know what I mean by this. Oh, he’s running late, I guess…again…its fine, he’s busy! Oh, he’s snapchatting that girl, again, perhaps they’re in the same class together talking about homework and not her nudes! This is the kind of settling I am talking about, the kind of settling that doesn’t seem like settling but eventually bothers you so much to the point where it is all you think about kind of settling. Why would you settle when you can completely just focus on yourself not being late…or find someone in one of your classes to snapchat all the time?



This semester I realized the most important thing that college cannot teach you and practically begs you not to learn, is that YOU are the most important thing in your life—not your pathophysiology class, not your GPA, not all of the extracurriculars on your resume, not Jimmy from Phi apple pie who got you into his party for free. You; your mental health, your physical health, your happiness. All of these things are priceless. You are your only constant throughout your life so make the best you that you can create.


I know it’s crazy hard to make time for yourself as a college student because you have to study, probably work, work out (only if you’re feeling motivated), find time to make meals, maintain relationships, go out with friends, etc. But it is SO important to do so. Watch The Office with a face-mask on before bed, don’t have time to do that? Watch the office in between your classes as a break from studying. Or treat yourself to your favorite (iced white chocolate mocha) Starbucks drink before class. Any little thing that you can do for yourself that will brighten your day will also help your mental health.


Just remember, there is only one YOU so take care of yourself.