How I learned to love my curls


All throughout middle school and most of high school I constantly straightened my hair. I watched every tutorial on YouTube to get the straightest possible hair out there. I used to even get mad at my own mother because it was her side of the family who had curly thick hair. All my friends in high school had straight or slightly wavy hair and I hated being the odd one out with my big hair. People would always comment on my natural hair, but I hated being the odd one out.  


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When senior year rolled around, I realized how damaged my hair was from everything I’ve done to it. I used so many home remedies to try and fix it, but the damage was done. My hair was lifeless and thin and had so much breakage. My mom told me to stop straightening it, but that meant wearing my natural hair. I vigorously watched through every YouTube video with “curly hair” in the title. Watching these girls have so much pride in their hair made me realize I should have some pride in mine too.  I soon started experimenting with products until I found something to make my curls have life.


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When I was constantly wearing my curly hair, everyone loved it! I loved all the attention my hair was getting and it made me realize I didn’t want to look like all my friends. My hair made me feel beautiful and different and it made me feel like my truest self.  Now when I wear my hair straight it feels unnatural and always can’t wait to go back to my curls. I now straighten my hair maybe once every six months and my hair has never been healthier!

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