Getting Over A Breakup

If you are lucky, you'll never have to experience heartbreak. But the sad truth is most people will have to go through one. Breaking up sucks especially if you thought you found the one. It might feel like the end, but you will get through it. 

An important step is mourning the relationship. Take a couple of days to yourself or surrounded by friends and family. If it was a long relationship, breaking up is a huge change. Try not to jump back in the dating scene, or find a rebound. It's okay to be sad and mopey for a little bit. And it's definitely okay to seek professional help. Just make sure you take the time for yourself so that the pain doesn't bombard you later on. 

Only date when you are ready. If you aren't ready to give your all to someone it's unfair to them. Make sure you are honest with them AND yourself. Don't be afraid to say to dating if you don't want to. For some it takes days or weeks and for others it takes months or years. If you thought you were ready, but realized you weren't that totally okay. Just as long as you're honest with everyone involved. 

Don't be petty. After a breakup it's easy to want to make your ex jealous Being petty doesn't do good for anyone. It's gonna make you crazy. Do you and try not get let your ex get to you. Stay away from social media if you need and mute yourself from seeing you ex's posts. 

Breaking up will never be easy. Everyone handles it differently. Just know you will get throug it. Just be true to yourself and live your life.