Favorite Beauty YouTubers to Watch

I love watching YouTube for many reasons. I’ve learned everything I need to about hair, beauty, and fashion. YouTube is places where many people just like us come together to create content to help us learn something. Here are my favorite YouTubers to watch!


1.Jackie Aina.

            Jackie Aina is funny and always keeps it real. I love Jackie because she’s a strong voice for the beauty industry about being inclusive to all skin types. She isn’t afraid to call out beauty brands for not including all different types of skin colors. Her tutorials are always fun and bright, but she also has videos for simple glam makeup too. She's perfect for anyone no matter your skin color.

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2. Carli Bybel.

            Carli is one of the most down to earth YouTubers out there. She is always so kind and sweet in all her videos. Her videos have a wide variety including hair, makeup and fashion. She has her own clothing line and her own palette called ‘The Carli Bybel palette.” I have my own palette and it’s one of my most used makeup items. She’s one of those people who genuinely care about her followers and makes sure her content it always top quality


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3. KaushalBeauty

            Kaushal is hands down my favorite South-Asian beauty guru. She’s also very humble and very genuine in all her videos and has an infectious personality. She mostly puts out makeup videos and they are always bomb! She looks include subtle no makeup makeup looks, full glam and everyday looks. Her looks always boost her beauty and never mask her own natural beauty and that’s why I love her. 

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4.Teaira Walker

            Teaira is one of the chillest beauty gurus on YouTube. When she makes videos, it’s as though she’s talking directly to you.  Her videos include fashion, makeup, and hair. Her down-to-earth demeanor is what makes her such a good influencer because you feel like she’s your friend giving you an honest opinion on things. Her makeup looks always include affordable products so she’s perfect for anyone just starting out in the beauty world!


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            Sondjra is one of those people who can do any look and pull it off. She is another super chill YouTuber who always puts out high quality content. She can literally smear her foundation and have it turn out flawless. Sondjra is someone who is always herself while teaching others how to have perfect makeup. She uses a vast variety of brands which is wonderful for people wanting to try out new things to use.

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