Eat, Drink, and PuraVida!

    Over the past ten years, clothing charity companies like Toms, and Ivory Ella have began to grow, and more accessory companies have began to grow with the message of charity and giving back. One of the companies in particular that is beginning to make an impact in retail stores in the company PuraVida.      

     It started as a college graduation trip between friends to go to Costa Rica that turned into a major company that helps peoples all over the world. Two friends, Griffin and Paul, went to Costa Rica and found friendship with two men named Jorge and Joaquin. Both Jorge and Joaquin make bracelets in their time to help make money for their families. When Griffin and Paul saw the beauty and their bracelet designs they bought 400 of them to bring back to the United States and put in a small local boutique. After selling out of all the bracelets in record time they decided that they were onto something big. They went to contact Jorge and Joaquin and tell them of this great idea for a company and ever since then it has been growing and growing. 

    PuraVida has now partnered with over 190 charities and Jorge and Joaquin are partners in the company. With over 100 people now employed in Costa Rica and the business only expanding, many people are feeling the PuraVida love. PuraVida means in Spanish, pure life, a philosophy that Griffin, Paul, and everyone part of the PuraVida family believes in.  They have bracelets that are for everyone and every meaning. Some you can buy for to donate to autism awareness, or other campaigns life Save the dolphins and there are so many more causes (plus all of their products are truly beautiful).  Each bracelet has a mission behind it, this company has a great cause and everyone should definitely check out their website and their products. I always get so many compliments on my bracelet that I bought from them and I can’t wait to buy more, so what are you waiting for go check them out!