Cheap College Date Ideas

Flea Market

     Whether you buy anything or not it will still be a good time for you and your significant other to get out. There are little antiques and trinkets all around you, and who knows maybe you two will find a nice hidden treasure! In Buffalo there are is a place called Kelly’s Antique World & Flea Market, in Clarence, NY that is the perfect nearby flea market to check out!


     In the summer or in the fall a hike with your partner is just the thing to clear your head and get away from college stress and classes.  But, the best part of this date is it actually doesn’t cost a thing! 

Kite Flying

     So here’s a fun idea for a couple or for a double date. Go to the dollar store or any convenient store and buy a couple of cheap kites. Then, go either to Baird Point or any park and fly them around! This date will definitely release the child in both of you!

Feed the Ducks

     This may sound very simple but it could be just the thing to do on a budget when you want to get away with your person. Getting some bread or other food just to walk around Amherst State Park or Audubon Town Park and feeding the ducks is the perfect way to spend the evening.


     If you and your significant other both don’t feel like going out to a party of doing anything that involves large crowds of drunken people, bowling may be the perfect date. It is also a good idea of a double date if some of your friends want to come as well. It is a good friendly way to get competitive in a relationship and there is beer and French fries there, which always makes anything better.

Board Game Night

     Get together with your person to play cards, Pictionary, Monopoly, Clue, and any other fun board game for a group date. It requires nothing but the game itself and is a good way to hangout with the people you care about.