5 Things That Will Make College Easier

  1. Emailing your Professor

Proper etiquette when you email your professor is EVERYTHING. If you are at all rude, have terrible grammar, or anything else, your professor will either give you a sassy reply, or not reply at all. Treat an email as a proper letter when emailing a professor. Always make sure you give you emails a subject with the class title and schedule, so the professor knows exactly what assignment or question you are asking about. By doing this, it will definitely help you make a good impression towards the professor.

  1. Buy an Accordion Folder

When I bought my first accordion folder it completely changed my life in college. Instead of having a bunch of folders, I have a place where all my information was stored. As long as you remember this one folder for your classes you will be fine. You should keep it in your backpack at all times so no matter where you are you have the work.

  1. Buy a 5 Subject Notebook

Just like an accordion folder, a 5-subject notebook will be your note center for everything. If you keep all the notes and information you need here, then you will have no problem no matter what day of the week you have class.

  1. Try and Keep your Credits at a Max 18 a Semester

Take it from me personally, you may think you can pull off taking 19 credits, but the stress will get to you. Try not to bite off more than you can chew. Worse case scenario, you have to take an online class during one of your breaks.

  1. Take Time for Yourself

I know college is all about socialization and networking, but taking some you time is well needed. Even if it’s just for an hour a day to do your nails or dance naked, take that time. Everyone needs a moment to gather your thoughts and feel stressed or overwhelmed, it’s completely normal. 

I guarantee if you implicate any number of these things you'll be almost a happy as this little hippo!