5 Must Have Drugstore Makeup Products

As a college student who LOVES makeup, It’s always exciting to discover an amazing product that’s from the drugstore. So I’m here to show you my top 5 drugstore must haves.


1.     NYC Liquid Eyeliner - $3


If you’re having trouble finding an eyeliner that’s super black and stays on all day, this is the eyeliner to get. I’ve always had issues finding an eyeliner that was a bold black, everything I found always had an ashy tone to it. The best part? It’s only $3.


2.     Maybelline FitMe Foundation - $7

I’ve been using this foundation for years, and it is a medium coverage which is the best for everyday wear. They have 2 different types of foundation depending on your skin type, “Dewy & Smooth” for dry skin and “Matte and Poreless” for oily skin. It comes in a ton of shades.



3.     Elf Blush & Bronzer - $3

Another product I’ve been using for years. This has got to be the best everyday bronzer. Being a girl of color, most bronzers I find are too light, or don’t really go well with my tan skin. I wear this going to school, as well as clubbing. It’s a great product to layer on and intensify.




4.     L.A. Girl Pro Concealer - $5

These concealers come in a TON of shades, I use these to both highlight and cream contour. They have amazing coverage and again can be worn everyday.

5.     Maybelline Big Shot Mascara -$7

To be honest, I love every mascara Maybelline has come out with. Those are the only mascaras I really use. This one especially is amazing, because im always looking for a mascara that will make me lashes long AND add volume. And this gets the job done.