3 Ways to Continue To Do Well Throughout The Semester

It’s probably about that time where your first round of exams are over, and you probably find yourself slowly losing motivation to stay focused and be productive for the rest of the semester.

Here are 3 tips and tricks I like to follow to keep me on track:


1. Plan out your day, everyday.

I know it may sound boring or useless, but it actually works - trust me! Every morning, or the night before, i write down all the things i need/want to get done for that day and give myself a time frame for each. Giving yourself a time frame shows you that it is possible to get all these things done in one day, and it’s the best feeling being able to check everything off the list as well as a stress reliever. Also, this isn’t just including schoolwork, I mean plan EVERYTHING, even add in if you have to do, laundry, the dishes, clean your room, etc.


2. Stay away from your bed!!!

This one may be the hardest. I know, whenever I am home I tend to be lured into my bed and on my laptop, or dozing off, and procrastinating. For me, I choose to get all my work done on campus because I know if i were home the process would be way longer. I stay on campus until everything is done, so that way once i’m home, it’s acceptable to jump into bed, with the feeling of having accomplished something :)


3. Invest in an agenda/planner

You thought we left these in high school? WRONG. This one is a little different from the first tip. Keep track of all your exams and assignments due by writing it down in your agenda. It’s just easier to have it all in one place instead of constantly having to look at the syllabus for each class, and it’s super helpful if you forget about an assignment, because that tends to happen as we get further into the semester. This way you know when to start studying or working on your assignment, which all leads back to the first tip - PLAN YOUR DAY.