Meet Jenn, A COMPASS Peer Leader and Mentor

Name: Jennifer Conrad 

Hometown: Java Village, New York 

Major: Sociology 

Quote you live by: "Whatever you are, be a good one"

HC Buffstate: How long have you been involved in the COMPASS program

Jenn: This is my second year being involved. 

HC Buffstate: Describe what COMPASS is, for those who may not be aware of it? 

Jenn: COMPASS is a mentor program for students selected by Buffalo State. They are selected on an academic basis - these students may not have done well academically prior to college, and COMPASS is a program through the school offering an opportunity for success during their first year of college. Not only are students equipped with a mentor, but they are also assigned peer leaders as well who helps them get better acquainted on campus, host programs, and be more socially involved.    

HC Buffstate: What are your positions in the program?

Jenn: I am a Mentor and Peer Leader. 

 HC Buffstate: What's your favorite part of COMPASS?

Jenn: Being able to mentor the students and help them feel more comfortable in this new phase of their lives.

HC Buffstate: What else are you involved in at Buffalo State?

Jenn: Residence Life, Residence Hall Judicial Board, Student Booster Club, and Orientation

HC Buffstate: What advice would you give to current/incoming students? 

Jenn: In college, you have to learn how to balance and adapt to the new implementation of freedom in your life. If you can't balance your freedoms and sort your priorities, then college will be too hard for you to handle.