A Closer Look at Kweimeiley Nartey

Name: Kweimeiley Nartey

Stage Name: Kamiley

Major: Public Relations

Sign: Taurus (April 25, 1995)

Celebrity Crush: Trey Songz

Born: Bronx, NY


Give me one quote you live by:

"No matter what people take from you, never let them take away your pride and dignity."


What orgs are you part of on campus?

"This year I was a part of the African American Student Organization. "


Kamiley also spoke about her participation in other organizations.

"I'm also part of the Burrell Diversity Scholarship Program. It's basically a program for students who have above a 3.0 and are excelling in school. One requirement is that we have to do community service and we have meetings. We just had an appreciation meeting for the students who were graduating."


What are some of your aspirations?

"I think everyone knows I want to be a host, or TV personality; that's my main thing. I don't know if hosting or being a media personally is going to get me there. I don't know if acting, event planning, or being a club promoter is going to lead me there; I just don't know. All I know is that this is what I want to do. Because I speak French and Spanish, I'm trying to be international. I'm trying to be a public figure. I want people in other countries to know who I am."


Tell me about some of the things you've done on campus that go along with that and your accomplishments.

"Freshman year, I hosted the Ankobia pageant. After I hosted Ankobia, I was with TAC (The Avenue Code) by Sean Mapp. At the time, they had a fashion show at Pierce Arrow and I did press for them. I interviewed people and asked them what they were wearing. My sophomore year consisted of me coming out of my shell and networking. It was just a year of formation for me. When summertime came, I auditioned for the WEEN Academy, which stands for Women in Entertainment Empowering Network. It's for women aged 18-26 who want to be in the entertainment industry whether you want to act, be a publicist, personality, on-air talent, script-writer: anything related to media. They chose me to be a part of it. Last semester, I hosted the Mr. Smooth competition for FSA. I hosted at UB, they asked me to host there. It was the Silent Day Auction in February. I recently hosted Toya Mendez's fashion show for The Grunge Project. That was definitely an experience and would love to do it again."


Post-interview, Kamiley hosted the Moore Block Party at Buffalo State's campus.

Kamiley left me with these last words about herself:

"That's it, me. I'm just making sure I can do it all so that I can be that personality. I'm not just for one specific genre of people, I'm for everyone."