8 Struggles We All Had During the First Week of School

It isn't the first week of school unless you struggle at least once. Here are just a few things many of us may have stuggle with those first days back on campus. 

1. Your professor assigns homework on the first day

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2.  Buying all of your books in advance only to have your professors say you won't be using them that much. 

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3. Checking your email every second because you're still wait-listed for that class you need to graduate and Add/Drop week is about to end. 

computer typing email working from home emailsSo you go to your professor, begging and pleading for them to take you in. please animated GIF

4. Realizing your crush doesn't go to your school anymore because they were a study abroad student and only there for the spring. 

crying animated GIF

crying animated GIF

5. Seeing that person you hooked up with over the summer and not knowing whether to ignore them or say hi

6. Having stomach problems because your body has to re-adjust to the food 

7. Being late to class because you sat in the wrong one for fifteen minutes 

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8. Having to introduce yourself and say your name, major, and year at least four times that week 

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