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Meet the Bucknell Basketball Team-Bryan Cohen

Bryan Cohen, member of the class of 2012, is a guard for the men’s basketball team. He is from Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania and is majoring in economics. This impressive player recently won his third Patriot League Defensive Player of the Year Award, and he is the first Patriot League Men’s Basketball player to win the same major award three times.
How did you first begin playing basketball?
Bryan: I started playing when I was about 5 years old with my older brother. I played almost every other sport, but fell in love with basketball.
Was Bucknell your first choice?
Bryan: It was my first choice. I was choosing between here, Lehigh and Harvard. I chose Bucknell because it has good basketball and academic programs. I also really liked the community and how the student body really supported the team.
Were you recruited and if so, what was the process like?
Bryan: Actually, the coaches that are here now didn’t recruit me, but a coach who retired did. The old staff had contacted my high school coach and followed me during the summer through a program that allowed me to travel around the country and play different tournaments. 
How do you find the student-athlete life to be?
Bryan: It was difficult but I had a little help from my older brother who also played basketball during college. It was all about time management and being able to manage practices with the heavy workload.
How do you prepare for a game? Rituals?
Bryan: I don’t really have any rituals although most people do. I sometimes take a quick nap if I have time.

Most memorable moment/game?
Bryan: When I was a sophomore in high school, I won my first championship.
What motivates you?
Bryan: The thrill of and love for the game.
What do you find most difficult/ most satisfying?
Bryan: The talent and everyday practices are most difficult. I don’t have the leisure of taking a couple days off as I did in high school. Also, I found myself competing against those with the same level of talent, which makes the game more challenging.
And the questions you were hoping we would ask…
Are you single?
Bryan: Yes
Any celebrity crush?
Bryan: Jessica Biel
What do you look for/like in a girl?
Bryan: I like a girl who is real, likes sports, and is willing to watch a scary movie.
What don’t you like in a girl?
Bryan: A girl who is superficial, needy, and can’t hold a conversation.
What are some other hobbies/sports/interests?
Bryan: I like watching and playing baseball and soccer but I really enjoy all sports.
What’s something unique/ embarrassing about you that people may not know?
Bryan: I have watched a fair share of chick flicks, the most recent being Friends with Benefits.
What are three words that describe you as a boyfriend
Bryan: Caring, loyal and dedicated.

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