It's not me, It's you

Breakups. They are never fortunate, unless you are getting out of a relationship that was unhealthy and toxic- in that case it's the best decision you could have made. Either way it is really hard to deal with the change that accompanies a breakup. Here are some easy ways to get into a new routine if it is hitting you hard.


Be around other people! Surround yourself with friends and family and just laugh. This seems small and cliche but being around that one friend who you know always has your back and is a real one makes a gigantic difference in your life. 

Exercise and get outside! The world continues to go on after your breakup and it is important that you do not forget this. Stay active and do what makes you happy!

Grind! Remember what makes you happy and keeps you going. Whatever makes your heart race, keep doing it. Pour all of your sad energy and newfound time into what makes you happy and you will not regret it! 

What to keep in mind

You are an amazing with or without a significant other. When the time is right you will find the person who you were meant to be with but until then enjoy life! Even if you don’t, you are on this planet because you have a unique and interesting perspective to provide. Don’t forget that!

Whether or not it was a good relationship, you probably learned something too. You know what you like and dislike in a partner now. Think of it as a trial run. Just because you broke up with them doesn’t mean those memories have to be ruined. Look back at them and remember the good times and look at why the bad times made you upset. It will make you a better partner to someone else in the future!  

What should you do if you’re still in love?

The best advice is to not keep in contact with an ex that you are still in love with. Someone will get hurt again, even after the initial breakup. Make it a clean break, don’t give yourself the option to “facebook troll” them, text them, or facetime call them at 3 am while you’re drunk and missing them. Even if you want to be friends in the future, a little separation in the meantime doesn’t hurt while you figure out your feelings, move on, and find yourself.

How long should you wait to date again?

 Whatever’s best for you! It could take one day or a million years (and one is not better than the other!) When you do try to date again remember to keep your guard up and know that you may not be ready for a new relationship. Make sure you are over your ex because if you are not that can be unfair to your new SO.

In the meantime, remember that what was meant to be will be. You have your whole life and college experience ahead of you, don't let it go to waste!