How to Conquer The Long Distance Relationship

“It freaking sucks.” The first person I thought to interview on this topic was my roommate. She is in a LDR with her boyfriend who lives three and a half hours away and it is the first time they have ever been this far apart. She’s not wrong. I am in a long distance relationship myself and I get exactly what she means. However, they are not impossible and they are definitely worth it if you put in the work.


Here are some tips how to make sure your relationship keeps going strong.


1. Loneliness

Facetime. Facetime. Facetime. Honestly make sure you have time to do this. Not talking to your significant other is probably the first thing that leads the relationship to end. Keep in communication but also allow room for space. This is your time to grow. Know what experiences should happen together and which ones should happen apart.


2. Arguments

It is so much harder to resolve relationship arguments when you are apart. It’s not like you can just go over and make up. It is best if you address them right away because with distance it is so easy to let problems fester and get worse because you are not forced to see them.

3. Flexibility

Be able to compromise and don’t be stubborn. Me and my boyfriend call each other a team because we truly act this way. If you see each other as a unit and are willing to make sacrifices for the other your relationship will be around for the long haul. If you see yourself as an inseparable team you are much more less likely to think about how things would be different if you were alone and did not have to factor another person into your life.


4. Sweet Gestures

I’m serious, a cute care package or a letter will make your SO’s day. It will also remind them how much you care about them and keep the excitement there. Your partner can’t have any “Is the grass greener on the other side?” thoughts if you constantly give them reminders about how much you love them.



I know, I know, this is hard to live by at such a high performing and stressful college. But this tip is probably the best I can give. If your relationship is meant to be it will happen and it will work out. The end of a relationship is not the end of the world. You will continue, you will thrive, and you will still be you.


Final Verdict: Yes, it is worth it if it is what truly makes you happy but don’t stay in it if you are unhappy. Even if you have been with them for a long time, your happiness and health goes first. Go conquer the world whether you are alone or in a relationship.