Designing a Stylish Betta Fish Tank For Your Dorm Room

With COVID-19 forcing us to spend more time in our rooms than usual, it’s important to make our rooms as cozy and comfortable as possible! Buying a betta fish is a great way to have a pet in college and decorating the tank to match your style can make your room more personalized. Here are some steps to follow when buying your betta fish:


  1. Evaluate your space and decide what type of home your fish will have


Take a look around your room to see where you want to put your new fish. You’ll want to make sure you have enough space for a fish tank or bowl. In my experience, my betta fish became much more active and entertaining when I put her into a tank, but a bowl would be alright as well! The 2.5 gallon tank is small enough to fit on a desk nicely. 


  1. Pick out your favorite fish at the pet store


Betta fish often range from $3.99-$19.99, so it’s easy to pick one within your budget. They come in a large variety of colors and have different physical features, so pick whichever fish speaks to you! The male betta fish tend to have more extravagant tails, and the female betta fish tend to be smaller in size. 



  1. Choose your gravel and decorations


The decoration aspect of the tank is what you can personalize the most to match your own style. There are all types of materials that can be used for the gravel at the bottom of your fish tank, including glass, plastic, and rocks. Mixing various colored glass stones can make your fish tank stand out. 


Then, pick out a place for your betta fish to hide. There are many options that can be found in the fish tank decor aisle. They come in natural stone colors and funky neon colors. 


After choosing your betta’s hideaway, add some greenery! Pet stores carry live plants that you can place in your tank to help keep your fish’s water clear and clean. They also sell artificial plants that you can place in the tank if you’d prefer that. Not only do these plants make your tank look more natural and stylish, but they also mimic a betta fish’s natural habitat.


  1. Move your new pet into their stylish new home and enjoy!


Make sure you fill your new tank with room temperature water and rinse off the gravel and decorations you purchased before placing them in your tank. A helpful tip: save the container you bought the fish in so that you can bring your fish home easily during breaks. 


Finally, place your new fish friend in the tank and watch them get used to their new environment!