What I'm Thankful for at BU

In honor of Thanksgiving, here is a list of 22 things (one for each day leading up to Thanksgiving!) that we can be thankful for as Boston University students. 

The Beauty of the Charles:

Looking out my window everyday and waking up to the Charles River puts me in a good mood every morning.

The Autumn Leaves:

It is truly breath taking to walk down Bay State Road and see the array of red and orange leaves that line the street. I am thankful that we get to see Autumn leaves even in the city! 

How gorgeous Marsh Plaza looks in the Fall:

I still cannot get over the fact that Marsh Plaza looks so beautiful in the Fall as I pass through Marsh everyday on my way to the GSU.

Themed dinner nights in the dinning hall:

Themed dinners are my favorite- from Thanksgiving Night to guest chefs from area restaurants to my personal favorite, Lobster night.

Chewy and delicious sugar cookies in the dining hall:

Seriously. How do they make those cookies so good?

Carpets in the dorm room:

We may take this for granted, but most other schools do not have carpeted floors in their dorms. 

Comfy spiny chairs:

Yet again a small thing that make a huge difference. 

The Esplanade is our backyard:

This is a great place to have a picnic, to take photos, to jog or to just relax.

Reading books in the Barnes and Noble Bookstore: 

I love sitting in Barnes and Noble, ordering Starbucks from the café, and grabbing a book to read in those comfy chairs.

Sunday Brunch till 4pm:

I love that I can wakeup late on Sundays and still go down to the dining hall and order an omelet.

Having daily access to one of the most beautiful cities in our country:

Boston has so many beautiful places to go and we are a part of it. What could be better? 

The view of the city from the top of Stuvi2:

If you've never gone to the top floor of Stuvi2, you are missing out on a beautiful view of Boston. 

A great education:

It's really nice sometimes to just think about and appreciate it. We really do go to a very good school and there is nothing wrong with school pride.

Over 500 clubs on campus:

With hundreds of clubs across campus, there is something for everyone. Kungfu, Ultimate Frisbee, Anime, and Sign Language club are just a few of my favorites.

The Dear Abbeys:

We are all thankful for how they serenade us. 

PDPs and a Gorgeous FitRec:

There are so many classes available for students to take at Fit Rec- from Zumba to Scuba Diving to Ballet. 

Living in West Campus, and waking up to a view of Nickerson Field:

Living in West Campus is a great way to have a campus feel at an urban school. Waking up to a view of Nickerson is truly beautiful.

Housing Options on Campus like StuVi 1 and 2 and the Brownstones on Bay State Road:

It is actually amazing to have the opportunity to live in a brownstone or a high-class apartment residence like StuVi at our age while in college.

BU Central:

Free concerts, comedy shows and being able to go and play pool and ping pong are great ways to spend a Friday night or any afternoon.

Newbury Street:

While it isn't great for my wallet, I love living so close to Newbury Street. It has so many shopping options and is so pretty during the holidays with lights wrapped around the trees.

Educational Resource Center:

Did you know you can get tutoring in the ERC...in any subject... for FREE? This is news to me, but I am definitely going to start going!

The Citgo Sign:

The Citgo sign is not only a Boston Landmark, but also a part of our school's campus. I love that I can tell my friends from home that I live two blocks from the Citgo sign!