My 2018 Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions are an interesting topic. They range from going to the gym every day to small things like drinking more water. It can be really hard to keep resolutions, to the point that they only last a month. I haven’t been a fan of resolutions because I’ve always felt they are never full-hearted intentions, but I am going to give them one more chance.

This year I am determined to keep my resolutions for the entire year and beyond. I narrowed my list down to five simple changes that I believe will significantly improve and help me in life.

1. Use my phone less.

Sad Text GIF

Like many people, I am guilty of being on my phone too much. I tend to become distracted by my phone as I scroll through social media, watch videos, and text my friends. The minutes become hours as I procrastinate from my work. I also have the habit of using my phone when I am with other people, so much so that I end up ignoring their presence. Using my phone less will allow me to live in the physical moment!

2. Write in journals more.

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Writing in a journal somewhat goes along with using my phone less. I used to put everything on my phone, such as grocery lists and daily goals. I miss the act of writing. When I write out my lists, I become more motivated to actually finish everything because it is harder to erase. I also feel more fulfilled when I am able to cross out an item I completed.

3. Learn Spanish.

West Side Story Would You Mind Translating That Into Spanish GIF

I have been learning Spanish since I was in Kindergarten, but I have never gotten to the level of fluency. This year I am determined to become fluent in Spanish, to the point that I can argue! I have traveled to Spain many times, but always felt limited by the language barrier. I hope to do a study abroad in Spain later this year, so I am very serious about learning Spanish.

4. Stop overthinking.

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I overthink everything. I overthink to the point that it affects my life because I get so anxious. It has come to the point that my friends have to reassure me not to overthink. This year I hope to get into the habit of trusting myself and my instincts first. I want to be more confident in my choices.

5. Stop saying sorry so much.

Sorry Beyonce GIF by Sony Music Belgium

I’m guilty of saying sorry for everything, even when I’m not actually apologetic or sincere. I say sorry when it is not even my fault, but I think someone else is uncomfortable. Sometimes I even randomly blurt out sorry. I want to save my apologies for times when I actually mean it.

To me, resolutions aren’t supposed to be solely designated to be for one year. I think resolutions exist as a way for us to create good habits in life. Resolutions are supposed to be small things that will better our lives little by little!


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